Teach Your Human ‘Take a Bow’

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Lady Speaks

Humans are so easy to train. I’m teaching my Daddy “Take a Bow.” When he lets me out of the crate or out of the kitchen, I like a good streeeeeeetch. So, I taught him to click or say “yes!” and give me a delicious treat every time I stretch. He calls this Take a Bow, and he’s getting pretty good at it. Stretch, yes! and then he gives me a treat. Yes!

Here’s how to train your humans. It’s so easy. Do something cute. Anything. Stretch. Sit up on your butt and beg. Stand on your hind legs and twirl around. Cross your paws. Lie on your back with your legs up in the air. Your smart humans will click! or say yes! and then give you something tasty. If they say something silly like “Take a Bow,” or “Beg,” or “Play Dead,” try to figure out what they want you to do. Then do it again and again, over and over. It’s so easy to train your humans.

Speaking of humans, mine is coming right now with his clicker and – it looks like – a bag of hot dogs! IT’S TRAINING TIME! (Oh! Did I just drool on Daddy’s keyboard?)

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