Are You Teaching Your Dog NOT to Sit on Command? (Part 3)

© 2013 Jerry D. Patillo, CPDT-KA

Introduce Verbal Cue, “Sit”

6. Now you can start saying “Sit.” Think of it as A, B, C:

  • A. Antecedent – the cue or prompt that comes before the behavior.
  • B. Behavior – what you want your dog to do. Click! (or yes!) the instant it does the desired behavior.
  • C. Consequence – food treat or some other wonderful reward.
  • A. Antecedent. Say “Sit,” just ONCE. Don’t repeat “Sit, sit Sit, SIT, SIT!” Otherwise your dog will start thinking “Sit, sit Sit, SIT, SIT!” is the cue for putting its butt on the floor. Don’t shout; your dog can hear a potato chip falling to the floor in the kitchen! Say “Sit” in your normal tone of voice BEFORE you do anything else. That’s the antecedent.
  • B. Behavior. AFTER you say “Sit,” lure the dog into the sit position with your hand. Try it without the treat first. If that doesn’t work, try it a few times with the treat, then try again without the treat. The instant your dog’s butt touches the floor, click! Sitting is the behavior.
  • C. Consequence. For now, click! and then treat every time its butt hits the floor. The treat is the consequence of the behavior.

Phase Out Hand Signal (Optional)

7. If you want to phase out the hand signal, have your dog before you with your clicker and treats ready also. Say “Sit,” and hold your hands completely still. Give your dog 45 seconds to respond with putting its butt on the floor. Click! and then treat.

If your dog doesn’t sit on command within 45 seconds, then repeat steps 6A, B, and C, above, a few more times. Then try step 7 again. Remember, don’t keep repeating “Sit, sit Sit, SIT, SIT!” Go back and repeat steps 6 and 7 again, again, and again, if you need to. Don’t give up. Your dog will eventually get it.

  • Introduction
  • Lure the Dog into Position
  • Introduce Hand Signal for Sit
Part 3
  • Introduce Verbal Cue, “Sit”
  • Phase Out Hand Signal (Optional)
  • Randomize the Rewards


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