Day 2 Tuesday July 11

Guangzhou to Xiushui

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Z03-0645 Day 2 Maps of Flights to China

^ Fig. 1 (W11) Z02-0619.

We continued our flight from LAX to Guǎngzhōu (CAN) and then on to Nánchāng (KHN) (“nahn chahng”, 南昌).

Z01-0628 Meals on the Flights

^ Fig. 2. (W11) Z01-0628.

These are the meals I had on the flights from LAX to Nánchāng on Day 2 (Tuesday, July 11).

People complain about airline food, but I’ve had pretty good fare on my international flights. I certainly didn’t go hungry on the planes!

Z04-1430 Waiting for Luggage at Nanchang

^ Fig 3. (W11) Z04-1430.

Waiting for my luggage at the Nánchāng airport.

Z06-0716 Nanchang to Xiushui Map

^ Fig. 4. (W11) Z06-0716.

After collecting my luggage at the Nánchāng airport, we drove westward around Zhèlín Reservoir to Xiūshuǐ City. This was about a 2 1/2 hour drive. (From Google Maps)

  • Zhèlín Reservoir (“juh leen”, 柘林湖 (Hú))
  • Xiūshuǐ City (“syoh shwey”, 修水市 (Shì))


^ Fig. 5. W11-6032.

Advertising billboards in China frequently span the entire width of the highway.

^ Fig. 6. W11-6060.

This is a video clip of Zhèlín Reservoir, a lake we drove past on our way from Nánchāng airport to Xiūshuǐ City (see Fig. 4 above). The clip is a little long (1:13) and maybe a little boring for you, but it gives you a good view of the terrain in this part of China.

^ Fig. 7. W11-6082.

This is a clip of my entering Xiūshuǐ City, my wife’s hometown, for the first time. It may not be exciting for you, but it certainly was for me. I hope you can experience my excitement with me. Think of yourself entering your spouse’s hometown or special place for the first time.

^ Fig. 8. W11-6084.

Entering Xiǔshuǐ City for my very first time, Part 2. This is a quick view of an older part of the city.

Z11-1408 Xiushui City and Zhujiang Hotel Maps

^ Fig. 9. (W11) Z11-1408.

Satellite view of Xiǔshuǐ City and map showing location of Zhujiang (“joo jyahng”) Hotel.


^ Fig. 10. W11-6096.

L-R: Xiǎogē, me, Xiǎosǎo.

  • Xiǎogē (“syao guh”, “Little Older Brother”). Family members are frequently called by titles rather than their actual names. My wife calls her siblings these names, so I, her husband, call them by the same names. So, Xiǎogē is the little or second older brother.
  • Xiǎosǎo (“syao sao”, “Little Older Sister-in-law”). That is, she is the wife of Little Older Brother.

DSCN6100 - Copy

^ Fig. 11. W11-6100.

L-R: Xiǎosǎo and Xiángmǔ.

  • Xiángmǔ (“syahng moo”, 祥牡). My wife Doris.

DSCN6107 - Copy

^ Fig. 12. W11-6107.

L-R:  Qiǔqiǔ and Péngliàng.

  • Péngliàng (“puhng lyahng”).  Xiǎogē and Xiǎosǎo’s only child.
  • Qiǔqiǔ (“chyoh chyoh”). Péngliàng’s fiancée. They plan to get married next year.


^ Fig. 13. (W11) X18-0529.

Dinner at the restaurant.

Z11-1348 Day 2 Zhujiang Hotel

^ Fig. 14. (W11) Z11-1348.

Zhujiang Hotel, Xiǔshuǐ City.

End of Day 2 (July 11, 2017)

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