Potty Train Your Humans

Lady Speaks

Are your humans still having issues with your potty training? Put them on a schedule, and you’ll start having a schedule or routine, too. Tell them that there are five activities that you do that can stimulate your urge to go potty:

(1) After you wake up from sleeping overnight or an afternoon nap.

(2) After your humans let you out of an enclosed area (such as your crate, the kitchen, the laundry room, the car).

(3) Each time after you take a drink of water.

(4) After you finish eating. Teach your humans to feed you at the same time every morning, same time every evening. Have them pick up your food bowl after giving you fifteen minutes to eat.

(5) After, and if you’re a young pup, even during play, you might get the urge to go potty.

Each time you have done any one of these five activities, run to the back door and inform your humans of your urgent need. Whine, howl, bark, ring a bell, do back-flips if you have to. Persistently do whatever it takes to get their attention.

After being let outside, rush to the same spot you used before. Train your humans to give you a food treat immediately after you do your business. Otherwise, you’ll forget why you got the treat if they wait till you go back indoors.

If you’re still having trouble potty-training your humans, have them call my daddy, Jerry Patillo, CPDT-KA, right away. He can train almost any human how to train us dogs.


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