Dōulǜ Buddhist Meditation Temple

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Pocket Rate Temple

Author: Xiangnai long Source: Xiushui County Party History Office. Update Date:December 08, 2010 Browsing times: 1751
Pocket Rate temple is located in Xiushui County west of the hinterland of Slag Jin town Rong An East Foot, from market town 3 km. It is the earliest Buddhist communication Xiushui, and also one of the five seven sect of Zen in China. Today is also the scale of the magnificent forest of the key monasteries in the province.
early in Huang years (A.D. $number At the time of the year, the monastery was built at Longgang Ping. At that time called Dragon Peak Mountain pocket rate courtyard, referred to as the Dragon Peak courtyard (Longshan courtyard, Pocket rate temple). The old “Yu Zhang Zhi” contains: “Dragon Peak Mountain vegetation Yu Mao, the peaks are uneven, like Jiu Hua, since the foot of the river and the North has a meandering trend, under the Dragon Peak courtyard.” Tang Xian Tong Years ($number-$number) Huanglong Temple facially Super Hui Master of the gate, the temple said, the dojo began to flourish. The early Northern Song Dynasty ($number years later) became an important Dharma dojo in Huanglong and entered its heyday. From the Yue Zen master in the Huanglongzong ancestor Hui South Pass law disciple Baofeng Kevin, from Changsha Deer Hill Temple to Abbot Pocket rate monastery, modeled “Huanglong three”, the new “pocket rate three” investigation law. At that time Zong vibration, name heavy jungle. When the Hongzhou transshipment so that after the famous scholar of the Imperial Prime Minister Shangying to its door under the law, to protect the Zen lamp, to build the Law pavilion, after the “Protection theory”, to the name of the Zen Chan heavy Jinghua. Following from the Yue has poetry monk Hui Hong, was tingjian as “the nature of the Taoist” Hui Zhao, there are Hui Xuan, the original, such as successive abbot to the Southern Song Dynasty. The Yuan Dynasty has our Country Brigade Day law eminent monk one mountain Yining famous disciple Longshand see to Chinese ritual ancestral participation, first in Yuhang Tiantong temple, Lushan Temple Zen. After the repair of the river, in Xiushui to Year, the Abbot Pocket Temple , “” Years long, because of the war before the end of the yuan to return to Japan. Ming Dynasty has natural, Yongshou, Shon and so on to protect the temple. Qing Kangxi 12 Years (1637) The national famous monk Kendau 忞, “flat Yang” clam nunnery in the temple, heavy again into the heyday of the Qing Dynasty. Have been praised by the Emperor, have Royal Tibetan gold Ruyi, Thousand Buddha robes, treasure Building law cape and other treasures. in the early Republic of China, the president of the Xiushui County Buddhist Association, master of the whole County 4 large monasteries, and most of the time Abbot Pocket rate temple, incense has flourished.
Pocket Rate Temple in Song Kaibao ( $number The herr of the Sangha. Holy Days (1028) Huanglong Monk amiable, can be rebuilt. To the mid-Northern Song Dynasty has a considerable size. Gong’s “Book of pocket Rate”, said: “The county of the hundreds of hundreds of thousands of of people, more than million”; “pocket rate in the West Ten, his disciples, especially those who are extravagant, are also”; “The House of the temple in strict, Sai, Lu, erythrodermic 偪 of the room cloth row two sequence, stable 圉 囷 warehouse to solid to the secret, so as to nourish the thing, no one out of the demand. “One of the six major temple of Xiushui. Ming Hongwu 13 years ($number) name natural reconstruction. The Qing Dynasty construction is quite broad, has the thing two preface, one enters several heavy, according to legend Qianlong Emperor has visited the pocket Rate temple, the question has “the hall” the plaque. 32 (1943) has monk 2 people, field rental,, and more. Built a large-scale San Fung temple, Ding Fu villa and so on.
Pocket Rate Temple deep cultural heritage, many monuments. The Song Dynasty people Huang Xiang, Jinziguang lu Doctor Xu Xian, the great writer Gong, the Qing Dynasty academician Courtyard Bachelor, “Ming History” edited Mauchi, all for the pocket Rate temple wrote inscription article. The monks and scholars are left many beautiful and rich Zen-like quotations, poetry and praise Rong An pocket Rate Temple’s, plaque from generations to generation. Rong An Natural scenery is beautiful, is not only a famous religious resort, a total of three temples, ancient trees, strange stone, strange hole, such as to the Many places, but also a mountainous terrain, there is a mountain forest $number more acres. The song Huang Jian’s junior classmate Huang (words a few complex), in the Lingnan for the official home, in order to resist the North soldiers died in Longan Zhai, its deeds “history” has contained. Yuan at the end of the original state (thousands of jobs) to protect the local peace, the organization Tuanlian in the village adhere to the , year, so far to checkpoint castle ruins. Pocket Rate temple near the monk tomb tower , more. Temple three Eye bridge, immortal Bridge, fragrant Flowers Bridge (has been classified as provincial Cultural relics Protection Units) are thousand years old bridge. Oil Salt, nine Longquan more mysterious color. There is also “Xu Catch evil dragon” Test sword stone, become a historic landmark.
$number years of Yunzong descendants, preach the old master disciple interpretation according to the Zen master, the heart of the Mahayana Bodhisattva, Huai zhongxing Zu Ting Zhi, came to the temple, to rebuild the pocket rate temple. has invested more than 100 million yuan, the new main hall, the King’s Palace, Wenshidan, meditation, abbot Room, Buddhist scriptures building, room, Laos, etc., building area of up to 5 million square meters. Plan to restore the original scale, and gradually extended to the entire territory of the lung. Construction of mountain roads, Tianchi, development of caves, building pagodas, pavilions, charities and so on. The county government has appropriated the construction of slag to Temple Cement road. Pocket Rate temple will be built in Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi adjacent to the largest, the most complete facilities of religion and tourism combined with the Buddhist temples. Will become a major tourist attraction for Xiushui tourism.



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