Dog Jumps on People? Pin It to the Floor!

By Jerry D. Patillo, CPDT-KA
© 2014, Phoenix Behavior Consulting

If you have a dog that jumps on other people, pin it to the floor or the ground by stepping on its leash.

  • Preparation
  1. Put your dog on  leash.
  2. Have your dog sit.
  3. Put your foot on the leash just barely far enough away from your dog so it can sit, just not enough room to jump up. (Right-click on the photos below and select “Open link in new window” to see a larger image.)


  4. With a pencil, pen, or marker, mark on the leash where your foot was.
  5. Put an overhand knot into your leash where your foot was. How to tie an overhand knot.55-0023.
  • Application

  1. Put your dog on leash.
  2. Before you open the front door of your house or before pedestrians reach your dog on your walk, step on or beside the knot on the leash.
  3. Ask your dog to sit.
  4. Allow people to approach and pet your dog or give it treats only when it is sitting.
  5. Ask them to back away from your dog EVERY TIME when it tries to jump on them.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 as often as necessary.

If you need assistance with a dog that jumps on people, or any other behavior, call us today. We can help!