If You’re Not Using the Clicker

By Jerry D. Patillo, CPDT-KA
© 2014 Phoenix Behavior Consulting

If you’re not using a clicker, then say “Yes!” quickly, sharply, just once. Don’t repeat it (yes, yes, yes, yes) and don’t drag it out (yeeeeessssss). You want to take a snapshot, so to speak, not a motion picture. Like a snapshot, like a click, saying “Yes!” quickly will mark the instant your dog’s desirable behavior occurred. AFTER you click or say “Yes!” give your dog a really delicious treat.

Some of you will find the clicker clumsy to use. Some of you will just prefer not to use the clicker. That’s okay. If so, please read our article “The Clicker: Friend or Foe?” to learn how to get around this.