Adopting an Adult Dog or Puppy Versus Buying One

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Right Dog for You

This is such a big and important topic. Here are my    QuickTip recommendations:

1. Do your research first. Make sure you consider a breed or mixed breed of dog that is compatible with your and your family’s lifestyle. Check out our Website for more info on how to select the best breed for you and your family:

2. ADOPT a dog or puppy instead of buying one. There are so many wonderful dogs that are available for adoption at the animal shelters. And, they’re available for A LOT less money than you’d pay for them at a breeder or pet store. And many shelters have a warranty for your satisfaction.

3. DO NOT accept a dog from a backyard or neighborhood romance. If you do, you are promoting irresponsible dog ownership, i.e., unneutered and unspayed dogs. YOU ARE KILLING many wonderful dogs and depriving them of adoption and a good permanent home. Besides, what kind of warranty against birth defects and behavioral defects can your backyard dog “breeder” offer you?

Likewise, PLEASE DO NOT allow your dog to mate with another dog! Get your dog spayed or neutered THIS WEEK! DO NOT be a contributor to the WORLDWIDE plague of canine overpopulation!

4. If you still want to buy a dog or puppy, PLEASE buy from a RESPONSIBLE, PROFESSIONAL breeder! GO TO the breeder’s facility and take a good look around. Do not accept your puppy or dog at a “halfway delivery point.” Ask a lot of questions. Like what you see. If you don’t like what you see and hear, then look elsewhere.

5. DO NOT purchase your dog or puppy from a pet store, pet breeders’ show, or flea market! Many — not all — but too many pet stores, breeder shows, etc., are fronts for puppy mills! Puppy mills are infamous for confining “breeding stock” in tiny little cages solely for the purpose of producing puppies for sale. These dogs and puppies are given minimal — if any — social interaction, grooming, training, and veterinary care. They are FORCED to poop and pee in the very same area they try to sleep, play, and eat in. Imagine us behavior specialists and trainers trying to help you with your puppy-mill dog’s potty-training or behavioral issues!

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