Dog Aggression: The Bad News and the Good News

© 2013 Jerry D. Patillo, CPDT-KA

The bad news is it could take weeks, months, or even years to change your dog’s aggressive behavior. I hate to say that, but I’m just being honest with you. The GOOD news is that if you’re committed to helping your dog, and if you’re committed to our program, then I think we can help you help your dog. There are NO GUARANTEES because there are just too many variables involved.

Does that mean we’re going to keep our hand in your wallet the rest of your dog’s life? Absolutely not. That’s the beauty of our “3+1” package. You purchase three one-hour sessions, PLUS you get a fourth hour absolutely free! You purchase only the packages that you need and want. You’re not paying thousands of dollars for a “lifetime guarantee” that really doesn’t mean anything.

The training sessions in the first 3+1 package are typically one to two weeks apart to get the program off to a good start. The sessions with us in subsequent packages are usually four to six weeks apart to give you plenty of time to do the very important exercises. The exercises may be boringly repetitive, but you MUST do them if you want to help your dog.

If you’re committed to a lot of hard work, persistence, consistency, and PATIENCE, then we can help you help your dog. Our training calendar fills up very quickly, so call us TODAY to book your spot!