January 2012 Newsletter

Happy holidays, everyone! May your holidays and new year be joyous, fruitful, and full of your expectations!

2011 was a good year for us, thanks to your business and your referrals. The majority of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. So, the confidence that you have placed in our company really means a lot to us. Please keep the referrals coming! Thank you!

Check out our new videos on dog training! These are recordings of real, live training sessions. These are not edited videos of already well trained dogs. The first training session is on loose-leash walking: https://pbcdallas.com/training-tips/training-101/llw-video/. The second video is on how to introduce two dogs, and should be ready for viewing on our Web site soon.

 ‘Tis the season for Christmas puppies and adoptions! We have FREE potty-training seminars and FREE bad-behavior seminars coming up in January and February. Did I say FREE? That’s right! The venues that we use have limited seating, so please call us right away to sign up for the FREE seminars! Click on this link (www.pbcdallas.com/calendar) for information on dates, times, and locations!

Take advantage of our low-cost group classes for puppies and for adult dogs. Normally $125 for 6 levels of classes, our holiday special is only $95, for a limited time. You can complete the six levels in as little as six weeks. However, you may repeat each level as often as you wish and you may take up to a whole year to finish the six levels. What a deal for only $95 dollars! Call us today to sign up for these special group classes! Click on this link (www.pbcdallas.com/calendar) for information on dates, times, and locations!

If you prefer to have convenient, personalized training in your home, we can do that, too. We can customize a training plan that’s just right for your needs and budget. Our most popular package is the “3+1”, where you purchase three 1-hour sessions, and you get a fourth hour absolutely free. Our training calendar fills up quickly, so call today to book your time! 214-784-8520. Click here for more information: www.pbcdallas.com.

Thanks again for your business and referrals. We look forward to a new year saving dogs’ lives by training their humans!

Jerry D. Patillo, CPDT-KA

Dog Running Out the Door?

How many times have you opened the front door of your house and your dog ran out into the yard or into the street? Your guests probably didn’t appreciate having to help you chase after your dog. Teach your dog to Wait at the front door.  

What’s the difference between Wait and Stay? With Stay, you want your dog to assume a specific body position for a specific amount of time. For example, Sit/Stay for five seconds, or Down/Stay for five minutes, and so on.  

With Wait, you don’t really care what body position your dog is in. All you want is it to stop forward motion while . . . . (Read more

Lady Speaks . . . 

Lady Patillo

My Daddy Is So Much Fun

My Daddy is so much fun! He’s teaching me a lot of new tricks such as Touch/Tap, High Five, Spin/Other Way, and Verse (reverse). He’s teaching me Canine Freestyle, a fun doggy sport that’s been around since the 1990s. Although some humans call it “dog dancing,” there’s no dancing – no chacha, rumba, or foxtrot. You could almost compare it to figure ice-skating. In figure skating, a human couple is performing various moves together, set to music. In canine freestyle, a dog-human couple is also doing various maneuvers together, all in synchrony to music playing in the background.

Freestyle is so much fun! The best part for me, a Labrador Food Hound, is that I get to scarf down a bunch of yummy treats! I can hardly contain my excitement when . . . (Read more

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