Doggy and Puppy Group Classes

Imagine a dog that . . .

  • Poops and pees in the right place — instead of all over the place!
  • Sits automatically — instead of jumping on you and your guests!
  • Down/stays on its pillow — instead of begging at the table!
  • Walks nicely onleash — instead of dragging you all over the county!
  • Chews on its own toys — instead of your shoes or the couch!

Then sign up for our Doggy group classes! These classes are for adult dogs AND puppies 10 weeks of age and older. Don’t worry about your puppies being with older, larger dogs. The first six months of a puppy’s life are a very critical time that your puppy NEEDS to be with other dogs and humans and new environments. We try our very best to ensure that EVERYONE — you AND your adult dog or puppy — is training with us in a safe and healthy environment. 

Please click here for the AVSAB’s statement on puppy classes and socialization. The AVSAB is the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. When you get to the AVSAB’s Position Statements & Handouts page, scroll down to Puppy Socialization Position Statement and click on the photo next to the words “Download (PDF).” If you want to go directly to the Puppy Socialization page, click here. Please let us know right away if any of the links don’t work.

Puppy Kindergarten

Doggy Elementary
(Six levels only $125!) Special price for a limited time: $95 total for all six levels!

(Click here for locations and schedule)

These are six levels of basic obedience. You learn how to train your puppy or adult dog to be well behaved at home and out in public. The topics we will cover in the classes include name recognition, Sit, Down, Off, Stay, Take It, Leave It, Drop It, and much, much more.

Puppy Kindergarten classes are open to puppies only, 10 weeks to 6 months old at the first class. All puppies must be up to date on the vaccinations required for their age. Consult with your veterinarian about your puppy’s remmended vaccination schedule.


Doggy Elementary classes have the same curriculum as Puppy Kindergarten. They are open to all properly vaccinated, non-aggressive dogs, including puppies. (We specialize in aggression, but our group classes are not the proper venue for working on this.) Puppies 10 weeks of age and older are welcome to attend the Doggy classes, but must be up to date on the vaccinations required for their age. Consult with your veterinarian about your puppy’s recommended vaccination schedule.

The first time through the course, we recommend you attend each level in sequence – Level 1 before Level 2, Level 2 before Level 3, and so on. Each level builds on top of the previous one. Afterwards, you can repeat each level as often as you wish, in any order that you wish, at no extra charge. You have an entire year to finish all six levels to your satisfaction. Even if you don’t finish all six levels in one year’s time, you can pay for another year to continue your training at your own pace. Many customers enjoy signing up year after year just because it’s so much fun!

If you miss any classes, don’t ever let that worry you. If you miss Level 4, for example, look on the Calendar for the date and time of the next Level 4 class. Just come back and pick up where you left off. Come back and start all over if you want, at no extra charge.

We highly recommend the entire family come if at all possible, including the children. When you have a dog in the house, you want everyone on the same page. Even children under the age of 10 are welcome to attend, but must be accompanied by an additional adult. This adult will be responsible for keeping the younger children under control and entertained at all times. These are dog-training classes, not child-rearing classes! 

Sign your puppy or adult dog up TODAY for group training classes and get a well behaved dog!

Location and Schedules

Plano, Texas
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