Off Versus Down

©2020 by Jerry D. Patillo
Phoenix Behavior Consulting

Click on this link for a short video. (3:49 m:s)

Off Vs. Down Outdoors (1:09)


OFF is very easy to teach your dog. Simply toss a very delicious treat onto the floor. AS your puppy is jumping OFF the couch, OFF the kitchen table, OFF Aunt Mary, click! Your dog will then get its treat. Don’t click after your dog has jumped OFF and consumed the treat. Your click will tell your dog that jumping OFF is what earned it the reward. You must click AS it is jumping off, not after it has already landed on the floor

Scout Jumping

If your dog doesn’t notice you tossing the treat onto the floor, put another treat in front of its nose first. Then toss the treat onto the floor. Click! AS your dog is jumping back onto the floor. Jackpot! TWO treats!

Your hand signal for OFF will become moving your index finger SIDEWAYS and then pointing toward the floor over THERE.

Scout Standing