Training Tips for Deaf Dogs

52-9608. Amy and "Mosby," a deaf Pit Bull terrier.
Amy and “Mosby,” a deaf Pit Bull terrier.

Click on the links below for some tips on training your deaf dog.

Sign up for our group classes or in-home training. We can help you train your deaf dog! Deaf dogs are handicapped, yes, but they are not stupid or rebellious or stubborn. They just can’t hear. Deaf dogs are extremely intelligent, eager to learn, and eager to please you! Our training schedule fills up very quickly, so please call us TODAY to book your spot!

L: Katherine and Mike and “Beemer,” an 11-week-old mini Dachshund, which is deaf. R: Richand and “Loki,” a 6-month-old terrier-Chihuahua mix, which can hear.
Beemer (L), a deaf mini-Dachshund, and Loki, a hearing terrier-Chihuahua mix.