Loose-Leash Walking (Video Segments)

This is our very first attempt at video-recording one of my dog-training sessions. It’s an amateurish production, but hopefully you can see what kind of trainer I am! One of our customers took the videos with my digital camera, which produces movies in 4-minute segments. Actually, I like the 4-minute segments because they leave our prospective customers wanting to know more about our services. Unfortunately, the movies are very low resolution. Now we need to find a videocam that can take better quality movies in the future. Any recommendations, anyone?

If the videos come up full-screen on your computer, resize them to 1/4 of your screen or smaller. This will help to make the videos easier to look at. Enjoy!

Loose-Leash Walking, Segment 1 (Introduction)

Loose-Leash Walking, Segment 2

Loose-Leash Walking, Segment 3

Loose-Leash Walking, Segment 4

If you need any help with loose-leash walking or any other behavior, please give us a call today! We can help!