August Group Classes and Seminars

PLEASE NOTE: The schedule below may change without notice. Please check back from time to time to see if any changes affect you. Last update: 5/2/2017

Starting Dates and Times

Below are the STARTING dates and times of our group classes and seminars. For our complete schedule, please click here.

(1st Class)
Lesson 1Sun Aug 6

1:00 p.m., PAS

Potty TrainingSun Aug 6

11:45 a.m., PAS


 Lesson 1Wed Aug 9

6:30 p.m., PSP

 Your ChoiceWed Aug 9

7:45 P.M., PSP

Your ChoiceWed Aug 9

7:45 P.M., PSP

Your ChoiceWed Aug 97:45 P.M., PSP
Bad BehaviorsSun Aug 13

11:45 a.m., PAS

We have new classes and seminars starting every month:

Your Choice means the first person who signs up and makes a commitment to this date and time gets to choose:

  • Is this the first lesson of group classes?
  • Is this a potty-training seminar?
  • Is this a bad-behaviors seminar?

Please contact us or click on the links above for more info.

Our seating for the group classes is very limited and fills up very quickly. Please contact us TODAY to book your spot!

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